With changing government regulations and a litigious business environment, proper records storage has never been more important. Outsourcing your document storage with Record Storage and Management Central can free up needed office space, allow you to avoid related manpower costs and, most important of all, protect you from a variety of government and legal complications. New federal laws related to patient, employee and client confidentiality require businesses to maintain documents for many years. That creates a storage and records management problem that we can solve.

Effective records storage takes more than massive amounts of square footage. It takes more than a state-of-the-art facility with excellent security and climate control. It takes a team of committed professionals who are trained to provide all the necessary services, including:

Pick Up Service File Retrieval Bar Code Indexing Courier Delivery Photocopying Pick Up Service File Retrieval Bar Code Indexing Courier Delivery Photocopying

Plus, our bar code indexing insures that we always know where your files are, so locating and retrieving them is quick and trouble-free.

Records Storage and Management Central is conveniently located in Johnson City, Tennessee with easy access to two major interstate highways. From this central location, pick up and delivery of important documents is fast and flawless.

State-of-the-art climate control and fire protection systems assure that your records are safe and protected. Our large warehouse facility is gated and surrounded with security fencing to protect your documents from intruders or unauthorized access.

Records Storage and Management Central is a locally owned and operated family business. Owner Stuart Wood is a second generation warehousing expert with the family business which dates back to 1934. He, and son Frank, offer you the confidence that personal service and professional management of your important documents will be the hallmark of this company.

With Records Storage and Management Central, you can control costs, use your office space more efficiently and provide security for your company’s most vital information. With so much to gain, now is the time to call or contact us for a professional consultation.